The Recap- NFL week 9

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The late game: Raiders vs Dolphins = SCHEDULING MISCUE

So Derek Carr throws for 300 yards and Culter didn’t eff things up too much, but still, the Dolphins at home still can’t get a win against a pitiful defense.  And the worst part is somehow Vegas knew that +3 would be a push.  After a 27-24 win–and the last TD for the Fins was ridiculous.  A fantastic one handed catch that was ruled incomplete at first!  Then after further review it’s a catch, then they score, then they complete a 2pt conversion!  Are you serious?  The gambling man is pissed.  Oh, but not me, I’m merely here for the love of the game–to watch the pathetic Dolphins play the now 4-5 Raiders.  I seriously think the NFL should have “Flex” games sooner.  For amateurs watching, this is when the NFL can change the games in order to showcase the best games available for the Sunday night audience. Because nobody want’s to watch the 3-5 Raiders play the 4-3 Dolphins play on Sunday night.  Yeah sure, it was fun watching numerous passes dropped by the Raider’s receivers.  And we’re talking serious drops!  WTF!  Are you kidding me Amari Cooper & Michael Crabtree?  You get paid how much to just catch the ball??  Cooper gets paid a cool $3.685 million this year (3yrs in the league).  Crabtree (9yrs in the league) a mere $6.250 million.  And they can’t catch NFL BALLS!  Balls! is right. I would never equate myself to these incredible specimens but this time I will.  Derek Carr threw the damn ball right at them!  I sincerely think I could have caught the ball myself.  It bounced off their chests on back to back plays.  If I were a Raider fan, I’d be pissed!  And last night I was a Raider fan because I had money on them, damn it! One more thing:  The Raiders have still not had an interception this season.  That’s right.  Zero INT’s.  And Jay Cutler has had 5 in his 6 games this season.  And guess what, he didn’t throw a pick against this secondary…has he finally turned it around after 11 season as QB?  Absolutely not.  He is still terrible, but the Raider’s secondary is worst than Jay Culter–and that’s seriously saying something!

So the Raiders go play the Pat’s, and will most likely lose, and Miami play the Panthers, which they should lose, but I’ve been saying this thing every week and somehow the damn Dolphins are 4-4.  Yes, they’ve won 4 games!  And they’re terrible.  Their coach even said they have the worst offense (remember he’s the offensive guru) in the league.  I don’t blame him–remember, he has Jay Culter for QB.  Terrible…

Week 10 Recap:

Early Games:

Bucs vs Saints = CHAOS

So other than a boring game where the Saints blew out the Bucs 30-3, as expected, luckily the Saints beat the spread or I would be pissed for having to watch this game–the main thing to take from this game is the stupidity of fighting: So the backup QB for the Buc’s, Fitzpatrick takes a late hit and I can’t remember if it was called.  But then Jameis Winston, the hurt starting QB decides to point and basically touch Marshon Lattimore on the back of his helmet–what the hell does that mean?  Well, according to Mike Evans (WR) for the Buc’s that means blindsiding him in the back [see here] and Evans doesn’t even get thrown out??  I still don’t understand what exactly happened.  So your hurt QB instigates a “I’m touching you on the back” meaning what??  Meanwhile your backup QB, who is actually in the game just took a late hit, but the guy who hit him isn’t in the play.  Then because Wintson touches Lattimore on the back of the helmet, Mike Evans needs to come over and blindside Lattimore and create a riot of sorts.  Again, check the video, but this shit makes no sense to me.  And after all that Evans isn’t ejected.  Besides that, we basically knew what we knew:  the Buc’s are terrible, even after their heartwarming series on HBO’s Hard Knocks.  Mike Evans is a blowhard for that move…call it a hard knock or whatever, but he should have been ejected.  Buc’s go to 2-6 and the Saints have won 6 straight after going 0-2 if your math is as good as mine.

Falcons vs Panthers = FRUSTRATION

The Falcons are such a disappointment this year.  Not only from the guy who bets on them constantly since Matt Ryan was the MVP last year and they were up 28-3 in the Super Bowl with 3+ minutes in the 3rd quarter, but… ahhh!  Was it just Kyle Shanahan (now in SF) being the offensive coordinator that lead to Ryan’s MVP season?  Because who really left?  Not too many.  At any rate, the Panthers traded their top receiver last week and Cam Newton, well…let’s just look at his stats: 13/24 for 137 yards.  No TD’s/INT’s.  Now Matt Ryan’s Line: 24/38 313 yards 2TD’s & 1 INT.  Maybe he works well as a fantasy player, but Ryan just can’t win games.  Doesn’t help that Julio Jones, one of the best WR in the game dropped a TD.  But somehow the Panther’s win 20-17.  And this idiot here keep betting on the Falcons!  Win will I learn?  They are suffering from the Super Bowl hangover–which usually happens to the team that loses the Bowl?  I don’t know what’s up with the Falcons.  I can give you a bunch of stats but who cares as this team just can’t win close games.  And the Panthers?  I can’t even explain how they won this game.  Stewart fumbles twice, Cam runs a lot and runs a TD in, throws a nice pitch to McCaffrey, and gets some FG’s.  Really, both teams are shit.  Obviously I’d like to take back my bet, but my bookie just won’t let me.  Damn Panthers!  This was the game of the week according to FOX Sports! Why was this the game of the week?  Every week these two teams have played it’s been tremendously boring and have edged toward the unwatchable.  But the Panthers are an amazing 6-3!  It’s amazing because just a few weeks ago this very same team lost to the Bears 17-3 and the Bears didn’t score an offensive TD.  Yes, the Bears scored 14 points off Cam’s interceptions and a fumble.  I look at the incredulous 6-3 record and all I can think is WTF!  Sometimes they’re flaccid sometimes they are, well you know…  Falcons to play the Cowboys and Panthers to play the sinking Dolphins.  Matty Ice (as he was once called, wake the eff up!)

Rams vs Giants = WHY?

I keep thinking this: Where did the Rams come from?  Many projected them only to win 7-8 games this year.  But once you get rid of the crusty old Jeff Fisher as a coach and replace him with a 31 year old Sean McVay you I suppose have a new spark.  You realize that many of his players are older than him, right?  But shit, this guy is getting it done.  The Rams kicked the snot out of the Giants 51-17.  And while everyone is saying what a day Jared Goff had, well, he didn’t.  Stats aren’t everything but look at his: 14/22, 311yards and 4 TD’s.  He completed 14 passes!!  Are you kidding me? WTF? How do you win 51-17 with only completely 14 passes?  There was a deep bomb, and I’m assuming some short 5 yard TD’s.  I’m assuming because this was a game I refused to watch. It wasn’t personal, it was because I hate both teams.  The Rams are boring and the Giants are only interesting when Eli Manning has a breakdown and throws 5 INT’s or something.  He only threw one INT.  But the Rams are becoming the Talk of the Town even though The New Yorker refuses to write about them.  While Goff is still basically just a good game manager he managed the shit out of the 1-7 Giants.  The Rams are now 6-2 and in the top spot in the NFC West, but do you believe in them?  I don’t.  But I also put money on the Giants, thinking they’d make it close—it was +6.5 and I even bought a point.  Damn Rams.  Are they for real?  Who knows?  But they play the Watson/Watt less Texans next week.  Maybe I put my money on them this time? And the 1-7 NY Giants travel to the winless 49ers.

Baltimore Ravens vs Tennessee Titans  = OUCH!

The score was 23-20 in favor of the Titans and Joe Flacco continues to suck even though he’s making roughtly 21 million dollars.  While he might be the second highest paid QB, he’s turned into the QB that should be benched. I’ll admit that this game was a snooze fest.  I didn’t want to watch it, but these days I always bet against the Raven’s—not as much as the Browns, but most of the time.  The Joe Flacco Ravens are a mess. And let’s just leave it at that.  This game was a beer game.  Meaning if you had enough you would probably forget that you even had to watch this terrible game.  Titans play the Bengals & the Ravens have a bye before they head to Green Bay.

Cincinnati Bengals at Jacksonville Jaguars=WEIRD FIGHTING

I’m not usually a stat guy.  But every once in a while I like to look at them. Usually because of Blake Bortles, but this messed with my head.  Bortles is terrible, and with Leonard Fournette out because of a violation of team rules, I’m thinking the Bengals can actually win this—tho, to confess I had already put my dollars on the Jag’s.  At any rate, who would you think would have a 10/18 day?  That’s 10 completions on 18 attempts.  That’s a Bortles number, right?  Come one, they won 23-7 so they handed off to hmm…TJ Yeldon?  But no, Bortles threw for blah, blah 24/38 (wow! 38 attempts).  But this game  wasn’t about Bortles and an amazing catch by Keelan Cole—tho it should’ve been.  This game was yet another insane fight between A.J. Green (Cincy’s top receiver) and Jalen Ramsey.  I’m sorry, but AJ, what are you doing throwing punches at a guy with a helmet on?  Does that really do a damn thing?  He has a helmet on?  And while Ramsey has been known to talk smack, you threw punches at him, with his helmet on!  Seriously?  AJ Green gets ejected along with Jalen Ramsey.  What did Ramsey do?  He pushed him on a run play.  Insanely idiotic, as you know they’ll be fined (probably no suspension, as it was child’s play) See it here  But this would be the only reason you would want to watch this game.  The Jag’s are now an amazing 5-3 and travel to the LA Chargers next week. This might be the only game that the Chargers will actually have home field advantage in the stands.  I just don’t see how there are many Jacksonville fans. That would have to mean that people from Jacksonville actually moved to LA…and I just don’t see that.  Other than that depressing note, I actually see the Jag’s making the playoffs.  They’re schedule looks like they can probably go at least 9-7 at the worst.   And while Bortles can throw 8 yard passes you’ll have to look to Fournette and Yeldon to lead this team.  Sorry Blake Bortles, you’re just not good.  But at least the offensive coordinator/coach/team realizes it and won’t put you into any positions to have to win games.  Oh, and the Cincy team goes to Tennessee to play yet another boring game.  I’ll be putting my cash on the Titans as long as they aren’t favored by too much.

Denver Broncos at Philadelphia Eagles = OSWEILER STILL BIG POOP

The Broncos are screwed.  Everyone thought their defense was at least decent.  But no, they suck.  Brock Osweiler is who we thought he was—a bad QB!  He was sacked, threw bad passes—in which two were INT’s.  And again, we all thought the Broncos would at least have some good defense.  But while their secondary was saying “this is a no fly zone” on camera they forgot that Carson Wentz, the most probable MVP right now was flying left and right.  He threw for 4 TD’s and they won 51-23, which actually sounds closer than it really was.  Denver is in trouble.  They have a decent defense and no offense.  From what I know this is not a good combo.  The Eagles continue to surprise me.  Wentz is like a younger and much better Ben Roethlisberger.  This guy doesn’t have the O-Line but can scramble, take hits, get first downs with his legs, but can pass accurately while running for his life.  The Eagles are 8-1 now and will no doubt make the playoffs.  No team has shown how to defeat this team—the Chief’s beat them in week two, but didn’t show their weakness.  And while Denver might be terrible—see last 5 games, maybe more, who knows—the Eagles continue to dominate teams.  I believe their weakness is the O-Line (and stupid Broncos have a good front 7, so I thought they’d make it close which = putting money down on that Bronco D and the game—shit, I was wrong there!) Broncos fall to 3-5 and the high flying Eagles are soaring above at 8-1. Every time I feel like betting against the Eagles it comes back to bite me…


Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans = WHERE’S THE STAR!

I don’t want to even talk about this game.  Colts won 20-14, but who cares. Andrew Luck is out, probably for the season, damn it!   DeShaun Watson, who many people have said the “Savior of the NFL” has torn is ACL a few days before.   Yes Jacoby Brissett, the former 3rd string QB in New England had a decent day, and is definitely a starter in the NFL.  But this day was sadness.  A week before they, Watson,  put up 38 points on the Legion of Boom in Seattle.  And now back with Tom Savage (who in explicitly was the starter on opening day) was just the same old Savage that he is.  He went a terrible godforsaken 19 of 44.  That’s right, he attempted 44 passes and completed just 19.  I don’t advocate watching the game, but the highlights aren’t too bad—a guy named Houston recovered a fumble and ran it back for a TD, Frank Gore had a few good plays.  But Savage had a chance to win it a few times, as he was at the ten yard line and had all the downs needed…but no!  While Waston won’t be coming back.  If he were healthy it would probably been a nice win for the Texans.  Unfortunately, Watson was not there, the savior was unable to play and it sucks.  He’s a definitely out for the season.

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