Fires in CA Wine Country out. Now is the time to Buy.

While we usually just write some satire on wine and the people who taste them for a living on how they lack taste buds, etcetera here’s a little different take and a thank you to all the firefighter’s in the Wine Country.

The fires are out—finally!  What started on October 8th will hopefully go under anything but arson.  The preliminary reports are just that—accidents.  However PG&E might be paying some serious fines since it looks like downed power lines may have been the origin of these fires.

While personally here at Thinkwine had friends & family affected they merely lost possessions and walked away with their life, which is thankful.

Now becomes the rebuilding phase.  Not only the physical but the mental.  The people need houses; they need their jobs.  Many businesses that now need help.  Some vineyards replanting.  Support.

No need to worry about smoke-taint.  That might be an issue to worry about during the 2017 release.  But most won’t even bottle if they taste it.  So go buy some wine!  But here’s a good article on which ones to support if you want to possibly help more directly or help the more affected.  I say more affected because everyone is affected.  Please visit this site for more details.  Napa & Sonoma wine country was the most visited tourist area in California aside from Disneyland.

Now is the time to get some good deals.  The smoke as settled and most places weren’t hit visually, so go fucking visit and support the industry.



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