Thursday Night Football – A debate on injuries & MORE

As yet another Thursday night game is about to begin between the stupidly named Tennessee  TITANS & the apropos Pittsburgh Steelers, the Thursday Night Debate is on.  And if more injuries occur, especially to high profile players, the debate will continue…

Thursday Night Football— it’s dangerous to the players, the games are shit and the owners and their prejudice refuse to say it’s all about the money.  It’s time to play the True or False game…and then give an educated decision on how to fix a 1.86 billion dollar product—why would the owners want to change 1.86 billion?  What if it went up and the players didn’t have to talk shit about TNF game? Are you reading NFL owners?  Probably not, so fuck off.

In December of last year, Mike Florio points out that some players enjoy playing Thursday Night Football.  Why didn’t he mention them?  Name some names Florio!  Or was he merely talking to Kickers, Long Snappers, & Punters?  Maybe even Backup QB’s enjoy it, as they morbidly think they’ll get some playing time.  SEE CLIP HERE:


NOW LISTEN TO HIM THIS WEEK!  He completely reversed his stance on this:

Report: More than half of owners want to wait on Goodell extension

  • The Players hate playing on Thursday night

Many people equate NFL players getting into a car crash every Sunday.  Then have to play three days early, thus losing their days off for healing, recovery, etc. Read Richard Sherman’s “Why I hate TNF” on it last year.  And note, this bad mouthed man made a great point and then got hurt last Thursday night—a season ending ruptured Achilles.  Yet he did not blame the NFL afterwards. Two weeks ago the Bills Richie Incognito (fucking cool last name) complained—though he wasn’t hurt—last week after a huge loss to the Jets saying things like “absolutely ridiculous” and “they suck” referring to the game.  He went on to say “They throw a wrench in our schedule” and the NFL only cares about money.  Have you ever heard a player say something like “I sure love playing on Thursday?”  I haven’t either.  Coaches hate TNF too, saying it’s hard to game plan in such short notice.  TRUE 

Basically NFL players get into a car crash every Sunday and then lose days off, healing, recovery, etc.

  • There’s too many injuries

Once a star goes down like Sherman everyone is quick to talk about how many injuries happy on TNF and how we should abolish it. How many people have actually got hurt playing TNF?  There were 13 people that were hurt in last week’s game and in total.  Not all as serious as Sherman’s.  However, if you look at stats, it doesn’t exactly give the same data everyone thinks it should: According to the data/study it seems it’s smaller than a normal Sunday.  However, this is based on stats that the teams give out on Tuesday (which they are required).  This means by Tuesday a player may have felt better and doesn’t count the “Probable” which typically play.  There are other limitations to the study which they outline.  The NFL put out their own study which claimed it was 4.8 injuries vs 6.9 on Sundays.  But this is the same league that denied concussions and who the hell knows—this was done in 2015.  But when ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweets out how many people are actually out –and these are the stars of the league—for the season with injuries it looks bad.  No shit Sherlock, right?  And of course this looks bad for the NFL because how many damn times do we hear about “NFL Players safety?”  According to the stats & studies it says FALSE but with an asterisk due to a number of limitations and early conclusions.

  • It’s all about the Money?

The networks have paid roughly 450 million per year—this includes the new Amazon streaming deal, which is about 50 million. Holy shit is right!  Or look at it like this: NBC & CBS have been paying $45 million per game.  And the NFL’s newest streaming partner Amazon, has said to pay $50 million per game (last year twitter payed a cool 10 million to stream games).  But with all this said you know we’ll never hear an owner or Roger Goddamn Goodell say anything close to: “We know it dangers our players, but the NFL is here to make money and the owners all know in the long run we’re going to make a shit-ton.”  The owners refuse to talk about it—giving the impression that it makes them money.  TRUE – Probably

  • It’s Bad football

All football is not created equal.  Richard Sherman called it a “Poopfest.”  Most will agree that the football is crap.  The casual fan may not notice as much, but the gamblers stay away from these games—since you just don’t know who will show up until game time.  When you google who likes TNF, one name poops out (not a spelling error): Roger Goodell.  On ESPN radio this douchebag said: “Almost by every barometer the quality of the games is better on Thursday night.”  What football is he watching?  TRUE

How to fix it?

I think it’s fairly easy.  Extend the season by a week.  I’m truly shocked that this hasn’t already happened. You can still have your Thursday night games, but every team would have a bye.  While it wouldn’t be a full bye, they’d have 10 days to prepare for it.  I’m sure with the extra time there would be little outrage from players and coaches.  They would still get a regular bye sometime during the season and the NFL would actually increase revenue with an extra week of advertising.  You would start one week earlier, which would be good for football anyway.  More rest and game planning equal a better product. Better games, better ratings, more ads.  And just to note, the NFL is not hurting on TNF—they’re doing better than ever.  And ratings are also not down.  Let’s just not hope viewers start tuning in just for the injuries—isn’t why you watch NASCAR?  You want to see that crash, right?  I fucking hate NASCAR, so I’m just assuming people do that.  I THINK TRUE

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